How to select customer records


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Record selection in H2OS is as simple or sophisticated as you require.


Some H2OS processes, such as bulk e-mailing and label printing, even browsing and working with customer records using the H2OS main screen, support working with selected subsets of customer records.


There are basically 2 ways of obtaining subsets of your customers database:


1. Using a filter


2. Using SQL Select



In the 1st case, using a filter, you can make changes to records in the filtered subset of records. In the 2nd case, you will be viewing and working with a temporary file containing selected records which will disappear when you are finished with it.


SQL record selection is perform using the record selection manager  which stores and makes available a library of pre-written SQL Select commands that can be reused (or modified and used).


Use of the record selection manager is common to all H2OS processes which support record selection. This give you a familiar and uniform interface and consistent options and uniformly consistent results regardless of the process using it.


The result of record selection is a temporary "virtual" file (called a 'cursor') which contains temporary copies of selected records, if any are found that match your criteria. This cursor can be viewed or further processed by any of the processes which support use of this feature.