How to save photos with a customer record


Use this feature to store 1 or more photo image (jpg, bmp, gif) files with your H2OS customer records.


Photos are displayed in the PHOTOS tab page. This page is not part of the default pageframe installation, so to use it you will need to add the PHOTOS page to a pageset of your current pageframe. See How to arrange tab pages for the procedure to add tab pages to pagesets.


H2OS does not save image files directly in your database, but rather includes a pointer (link) to these files.


How this works: when you select a photo to be stored with a customer record, a copy of the photo (which you have located using the Windows navigator) is saved in the designated memo field.


To  add a photo to a customer record:


1. Select the (memo) field that will store the picture using the pulldown menu. If this pulldown list is empty, use the data dictionary to add one or more picture fields to your customer database. Picture fields must be named PICTBOXn, where 'n' is a numeric beginning with 1. Thus to provide for 3 photos to be associated with your customer records, you would add PICTBOX1, PICTBOX2 and PICTBOX3 (memo) fields to the database.


2. Click the ellipsis command button to the right of the pulldown menu and use the Windows navigator to find the photo to be associated with the customer record.



For example:




To change (replace) a photo, select the photo to be replaced, click the ellipsis command button, find the replacement photo and click OK.


To delete a photo, click the X command (not shown on this screen-shot, but in the upper right hand corner of the tab page will appear an X for this purpose).




1. Pictures are stored as separate files (i.e. not directly into database tables) in the C:\H2OS\IMAGES folder for standalone installations, and a folder of this same name on the server for LAN installations (except, for LAN installations the LAN server folder is shared by the server and all workstations).