How to save a photo for an employee


Use this feature to store a photo with an employee record. This photo is used in the employees toolbar, which can be used during work assignments.



1. Bring up the Employees page




2. Double click the employee name





3.  Click the ellipsis command to the right of SHOW PHOTO





4. Select the photo. It can be a JPG, BMP or GIF format





(for demo using this photo - but can be any on file)


5. Click OK





6. If you agree, click YES




1. the source file will remain untouched, and the target file will either be created or replaced.


2. Any other image files for this employee will be erased during this action. That is, you can save an employee photo for this purpose using the GIF, JPG or BMP format, but you can only save 1 photo per employee. H2OS will automatically erase files with the same name and another format before saving a newly selected image. This does not preclude having other photos of employees, but they cannot be stored in this location with this file naming convention.


3. I've noticed that sometimes these changes aren't "taking" right away, maybe caching somewhere. if this happens, restarting the system will bring up changed images.