How to restore individual files from H2OS backups


Restoring an H2OS file basically involves replacing a bad or old copy of a file with the copy of the file added to the backup being restored.


Obviously, check dates/times carefully! You don't want to make matters worse. In general you want to restore the file from the last created backup of the file.


To inspect your BACKUPS folder, be sure you are looking in the right place. The location (drive and path) designated for H2OS generated backups is located (and can be changed there)  in setup->options->backups)



Example: Restore 1 file



1. Using Windows Explorer, locate the backup file to be restored from.



2. View the contents of the backup file


To do this, either double-click the ZIP file name to view a list of it's contents, or select the backup file name and right click this row and select OPEN WITH, then select WINDOWS EXPLORER, as shown here:







You will see the list of files in the backup (zip) file represented as shown in the panel to the right:.





  1. Locate the file you wish to restore by navigating to it using the folders on the right (the contents of the backup's ZIP file).
  2. Restore the file by using your mouse to drag and drop it from the list of files in the backup (on the right) into the target location (the H2OS installation folder for this file).
  3. If the file being restored already exists, you will be asked for permission to replace the existing files.



Repeat this procedure for each file to be restored







1. For DBF files, also restore .FPT and .CDX files, if any exist with the same name as the .DBF file