How to restore a ZIP'ed copy of an H2OS installation



IMPORTANT: if restoring an H2OS installation onto a computer that has more then 1 installation, each installation is in a separate H2OS path, such as H2OS_GIW and H2OS_BH. In this case, we cannot restore the PROFS or root folders, but can only restore the DATA folder (h2os\cl\h2os)




Otherwise, for restoring H2OS.ZIP taken from c:\h2os (and not c:\h2os_giw)


The ZIP file contains a complete H2OS installation from another computer






1. Rename your existing H2OS installation (the one that will be replaced), if one exists. e.g. rename c:\h2os  to c:\h2os_old


2. Place the ZIP backup into your BACKUPS folder on the drive to which H2OS will be restored


3. Unzip the zip file, respecting paths (important to do this to preserve the folder structure)


4. you will now have a folder named H2OS and sub-folders beneath it within the BACKUPS folder


5. move the restored H2OS folder (and sub-folders) into the drive's root folder.


You'll now have



c:\h2os and sub-folders






containing the old installation before the restore.


If you're wondering whether you can switch between these installations, yes, you can, by renaming these 2 root folders (switching names back and forth). Be careful when you do renames - rename old and new with these words helps. Trick is that you can't rename h2os_old to h2os_new when h2os_new already exists, so you'll need a temp 3rd name for the exercise. Rename H2OS_OLD to H2OS_xx and then rename H2OS_NEW to H2OS_OLD and then rename H2OS_xx to H2OS_OLD to swap the OLD and NEW installations. Repeat this sequence to swap again. Always take backups before doing anything like this, where there is a potential for data loss.