How to refresh a home machine


"I want to work with a copy of my H2OS database at home. Can I do this?"


Yes, the procedure below can be used to restore an H2OS backup taken on your office server to your  home computer (which presumably has an up to date copy of H2OS installed).


Note that you will not be able to save any changes to the H2OS database from your home installation using this method. If you must make changes to your H2OS from home (or anywhere from which you have Internet access), use the method described in working remotely instead.


Essentially, we will be copying all files in the C:\H2OS\CL\H2OS folder from the backup into the corresponding folder on the home machine, overlaying (replacing) older copies of these files with current ones. Other files, such as profiles and H2OS software will remain as installed on your home computer (emphasizing that your home computer is still a separately installed system with it's own parameters, controls, history, etc) except that it will now contain more recent data from your office copy.



1. Take a full backup of your office H2OS database


2. Update your home computer so it has the latest H2OS release (if any) Use the DOWNLOADS page to check and perform the upgrade.


3. In this example, I've accessed the H2OS backup using WinZIP by selecting the backup (on DVD) using Windows Explorer and then double-clicking the backup (.zip) file name





4. Sort the listing by PATH and scroll down to \CL\H2OS (as shown here)





Click the 1st file's name in the \CL\H2OS folder, scroll down to last name in this folder and, holding down the SHIFT key, click the last name in this (\CL\H2OS) folder. This will cause all of the files between (and including) the selected files to become selected (they will all be highlighted as shown here):




Right click in the area of the names and select EXTRACT from the menu





Select C:\H2OS\CL\H2OS as the EXTRACT TO target folder:







If you are asked if you wish to replace files, reply YES


When the process completes, start H2OS and check for problems.


If a problem is encountered, try falling back and  if that doesn't work.