How to recover corrupted files from a backup


Hopefully this will never happen to you, and it very rarely happens to me, but it just happened during a development test, so I thought I'd take the time to explain


What happened: I used Windows Task Manager to terminate the application during testing. At the time, this file (whatsnew.dbf) was not only open, but it was being changed at the instant the application was shutdown, thereby rendering it corrupted.






Recovery is to turn to the latest backup.


Find the latest backup, double-click it's name to bring up a list of files it contains, then find the files of interest, highlighted here:


Note that there are actually 3 files with this name, a .CDX and .FPT file. When restoring from a backup, always take all such files (with the same name as the .DBF)





Right click, select EXTRACT TO, and set the target folder




And walla!, the files are back