How to publish your schedule online



Once you're setup to publish your schedule online, there are 2 methods available to actually perform the publication


1. Manually, using the PUB command

2. Automatic online schedule publishing



1, Manually, using the PUB command


1. Bring up the Schedule page (ALT-S)


2. Select the desired schedule period from the pulldown menu. Jobs in this time period will be included in the published schedule


3. On the Schedule page, click TOOLS->PUBLISH ONLINE




You will be asked to click confirm the action




Click YES and wait for the operation to complete


When the operation is completed and the schedule has been published, a screen like this will appear:






Click "View the published schedule" and the schedule will appear in your browser window:





The schedule may also be accessed by a Smartphone's Internet browser going to this URL.


See online schedule naming convention for how names and URL's are formed for online schedule publishing.