How to print return address labels


Sample return address labels:






Follow these few steps to print 1 or more pages of Avery 5160 format return address labels for yourself, family or friends.



  1. Locate the customer name and address to be printed on the labels.  If the name and address to be printed is not in your database, temporarily add it for this purpose.

  2. With this name and address on the screen (the current record), load your printer with 1 or more pages of Avery 5160 forms (or equivalent) into the printer, face down

    Alternatively, if you have single sheet feeding and wish to use it, place 1 sheet face up in the input flap in the direction noted on the page ("feed this way")

  3. Select Print -> Mailing Labels -> Ret Addr Labels (5160), quick, as shown here:




4.  A message will appear



5. To proceed, click YES


You will now be asked how many pages you wish to print



6. Accept the default (1 page) or over-type this field with the number of pages to print

If you have a single page in the single sheet feeder, leave this value set to 1


You will now be asked if you wish to preview the labels or send them directly to the printer




7. If you click NO, the labels are printed at this time


If you click YES (to preview), the preview screen will appear like this






Comments from an email exchange


1. Notice the address labels for sender and recipient - a snap to print these labels, one page at a time here and there, in this case for my return address and your mailing address, but they can be printed for anyone in a database (in this I used the Rolodex to find these records and then printed 1 page each of return address labels for each. Works like a charm, and no wasted paper - and no more handwriting addresses for people/companies on the list.