How to print mailing labels for customers who had estimates ...

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Example: print mailing labels for customers who had estimates but did not order a job in 2009


In this procedure, we'll re-run a record selection command prepared earlier.


See How to change an SQL Command for an example of changing an SQL command stored in your library.



On the menu, select Print -> Mailing Labels -> Avery labels




The Avery address label printer screen will appear:




Click Select Records, and the Record Selection Manager screen will appear






See Select Records using SQL Select for an example.


When you are finished with record selection, you will be returned to the Record Selection Manager, which will display the number of currently selected records.






The Avery address label printer screen will re-appear




The number of selected records appears in the lower left portion of the screen


Now we'll set the label printing options and click PRINT (with or without the PREVIEW checkbox)





Set Font



Click to change the font name, size and style using the standard Windows window for this purpose.



When you make a change and click OK, the screen will show the font applied to the same name and address on the screen



Label format



You can select from the available label print formats installed on your computer in the REPORTS folder (files named  xxxxx.LBX)


The default format ("Avery_5160.lbx") will print 1-4 line name and address labels with the town, state and zip code (but not the ZIP4 code).





You can select a printer from your installed printers by clicking the ellipsis command to the right of the Printer field.




Use the pulldown menu on the Printer screen to view and select a printer from the list of currently installed Windows printers.  When you've selected a printer, click OK.






Shows the print on your screen for study and, optionally, sending the labels to your printer.  An toolbar will appear on the screen with tools you can use to close the view, send to the printer, enlarge the view.


If the toolbar does not appear, right click in the report area and select TOOLBAR from the right-click menu.


The preview screen looks like this.



Use the toolbar on the preview screen to send the labels to the printer or cancel the job. You can also resize the preview screen.


If the toolbar disappears, eight click in the report background area and select TOOLBAR from the menu.




Append "Or current resident"



Check to add the words in the entry field to the end of LINE1 (name field) in printed labels


Joe Jones




Joe Jones or current resident




Select Records



Click this command to use the Record Selection Manager to select a subset of customers from your database as the source of data for an operation, such as printing mailing labels or sending an e-mailing.