How to print all job tickets on a schedule


1. Select the schedule period. In this example, we'll select THIS MONTH





2. Click REPORT, which will bring up the Reports Manager screen, showing the tickets selected for printing.




3. Using this screen, you can click the 1st column to exclude tickets from the report. You can also click the PREVIEW checkbox to view the report on-screen (and perform final record selection by printing or canceling individual tickets) before printing.



4. In this example, I've checked the PREVIEW checkbox and clicked PRINT AND SEND REPORT.


This message then appears to inform the operator that the preview process can be cancelled during preview by pressing F3 and then clicking the CLOSE PREVIEW button on the preview toolbar that is displayed with the job tickets preview screen






5. Clicking OK brings up the SUMMARY page of the job schedule, with the toolbar which allows the operator to print or skip printing this page:





6. After printing (or skipping) the SUMMARY page, individual tickets will be printed. Again, click the PRINT icon to print the page, or the CLOSE PREVIEW icon to skip it.