How to perform daily closings



Returned job tickets need to be entered into the system to clear the schedule of these jobs and to record historical information about jobs completed.





For each ticket to be closed:


1. Locate the ticket in the system

2. Mark the ticket 'done'

3. Add employee commission information, if applicable





1. If you have a suitable laser printer, job tickets can be printed with barcodes (containing the customer's unique customer number, as shown in this example). Then, on return of the ticket, the barcode can be scanned to quickly retrieve the customer's record, from which job tickets can be located (job history tab for the customer).


2. Scan the returned job ticket for any notes. Use the FOLLOW UP field on the bottom of the online job ticket to enter any follow-up work for this customer. Such follow-up items are stored with the customer record, displayed in the Special Notes field of the Cust Status tab page, and automatically transferred to the next job ticket created for this customer.