How to paste a name and address from the Windows clipboard


In addition to using the H2OS Edit->Copy menu selection to create a customer's name and address block (for the current customer) into the Windows clipboard, you may be able to use the clipboard to add customers to your H2OS database from another source, such as Word, Excel or other  Windows program that supports copy/paste using the clipboard. Most programs do, but the name and address must be arranged in an address block format, as it would appear on an envelope.


When copying a customer name and address from another program, the program being copied from is called the source program, and H2OS is the target program


1. Using the source program, highlight the name and address block and click CTRL-C to copy the highlighted text into the Windows clipboard  (also note that CTRL-X can be used to CUT the highlighted text from it's source and place the text into the Windows clipboard).


2. Switch to the H2OS screen and select edit->paste from the menu  to paste the name and address from the Windows clipboard into a new customer record.