How to move an H2OS installation to another computer



Also see How to copy an H2OS installation to another computer





To move H2OS from system A to system B



  1. Take a full backup of your H2OS installation on System A

  2. Stop using H2OS on System A.

    At this time the H2OS installation is "checked out" and should not be changed on System A, as the changes will be unavailable on system B when it becomes active (or you will need to re-enter the changes when System B is active).  .

  3. Download a current copy of H2OS.ZIP (the full H2OS installation) from our website

  4. Request a password  from our customer support to uncompress H2OS.ZIP

  5. Extract (uncompress) SETUP.EXE from H2OS.ZIP

  6. Install H2OS from SETUP.EXE (from the downloaded H2OS.ZIP) on system B

  7. Restore the H2OS backup from System A taken in step # 1 onto System B, replacing all same-named files

  8. Start System B






1. Moving an H2OS installation is distinguished from COPYING an H2OS installation to another computer. In the former case, the primary database will be moved and in the latter it will only be copied. This is crucially important because there can only be 1 master copy of the database. Once the database is moved, all database changes must be made on it.


2. If the installation you are moving is a LAN server, you will need to adjust each workstation that is sharing your H2OS database to point to your new computer on the LAN.


3. See the Distribution of H2OS files in a LAN environment for