How to modify a custom data entry form


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How to create a custom data entry form



Using the form created in the How to create a custom data entry form example, we decided we want to move the WORK TELEPHONE number to the top of the list of fields in the data entry form.


First, I bring up the data entry form to be modified.


Click the ADD button to bring up the current data entry form assigned to the current database

Select SETUP -> ADD FORMS MANAGER from the menu, and then on the Add Forms Manager screen, find the form name in the grid on the left and double-click the name. This will bring up the form in the Quick Add Form Manager screen.


At this time, I could add or remove fields in the list of selected fields (in the box to the right), and I can rearrange fields in this box so they reflect the order I want to see them on the add record form.


To move the WORKTEL field to the top of the list, select (click) the box to the left of the field name (WORKTEL) with your mouse, and then (without releasing the mouse click button), drag the field to the top of the list (or anywhere in the list).


In this case, I've moved WORKTEL to the top of the list:






Then I click GENERATE form and the changed form is saved (updated, see message on screen)


Now, when I click the ADD button (and "Joe's add record form" is the current add record form),  the changed form will appear: