How to mark business names




Business names (in the NAME field of the customer record) should be marked as "businesses" by the operator, during entry or afterwards, for these reasons:



1. H2OS can display these customer names alphabetically using the 1st (and not the last) word in the addresses name (LINE1) field.


2. H2OS can search on "American" and not "Wheatley" in the example below


3. Address standardization and ZIP4 lookups depend upon this information for accurate lookups



For example, our customer American & Wheatley is a business. and we wish for this name to be filed  alphabetically Ambrosio and Ames, as shown below.






Marking a customer record as having a business name (in the 1st line) is achieved by using the pulldown menu above the NAME field to select FIRM, as is shown here for the American & Wheatley customer record.




The pulldown menu offers these choices:





1. The word "mark" is also used to selectively mark records, which is a different process and a different use of the word "mark".