How to install the MySQL ODBC driver when you have the ODBC (ZIP) file



This procedure is similar to "How to install the MysQL ODBC Driver", except that in this case you have a copy of the ODBC driver available and do not need to download it.


As of 8-10-11, the full build installation now includes a copy of the driver that is placed in

c:\h2os\ by H2OS installation. If you do not have this file you can download it from:

Installation procedure



  1. When the ODBC file has been placed in your C:\H2OS folder (see screenshot below), use Windows Explorer to locate it, as shown here:


  2. Double click the file name ( to extract SETUP.EXE which is contained in this ZIP file. Place the extracted file in the same (C:\H2OS folder)

    Note: if you have WINZIP installed, you can right-click the ZIP file name and a menu will appear with these options. In this screen shot, I've right-clicked on the file name, then selected WinZIP->Extract to here.


  3. Regardless of how you UNZIP this file, a file named SETUP.EXE will be extracted and placed into c:\h2os\setup.exe, as shown here:


  4. Double-click the  SETUP.EXE file name to start the installation

  5. The ODBC setup wizard screen will appear

    IMPORTANT: If you do not see this Setup Wizard screen now, please stop the installation and send us a screen shot of what you are seeing, before proceeding.





6. click NEXT



7. select TYPICAL, click NEXT



8. Click INSTALL



9. Click FINISH



The ODBC driver is now installed on this computer and can be used without a restart or any further ado.



10. Cleanup


Backup and delete these 2 files to save space and questions about why they are there:


1. c:\h2os\

2. c:\h2os\setup.exe




To check your ODBC driver version


start->settings->control panel->administrative tools->data sources (ODBC)


Select the DRIVERS tab


Scroll down and you should see MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver in the list