How to install the MySQL ODBC driver



Certain add-on features of H2OS (such as the Internet server based do-list) employ client/server access to a remote database (in your office or on an Internet server).


Using remote database access requires that a so-called "driver" program be installed on the computers involved. If you will be using an H2OS feature that accesses Internet databases,  you will need to install this driver software.


If you attempt to access a MySQL database without this driver being installed, a message like this will appear:






Translated: the MySQL ODBC driver needs to be installed on this computer




8-10-11 This procedure needs revision and re-testing, as SUN decided to change their website and distribution procedures since this topic was written. The basic procedure still works, but you have to do some translating, such as


1. There is no SETUP.EXE anymore, now it appears to be done by



To download and install the release we use (3.51):


  1. go to

    a screen like this will appear:


  2. Scroll down to Windows Downloads and find the line that says "Windows ZIP/Setup.EXE (x86)"


  3. click PICK A MIRROR to the right of the "Windows ZIP/Setup.EXE (x86) line

    a screen like this will appear:


  4. click "no thanks, just take us to downloads"

    A screen like this will appear:


  5. choose a server from the list which has FTP in the line to the right

  6. click FTP to the right of the selected server name

    A screen like this will appear:


  7. use the locator screen that will pop up now to download and save the file

    e.g. c:\products\mysql\

    TIP: we suggest saving product-related files in folders within a PRODUCTS folder. In this case, we'd download this file into D:\PRODUCTS\ODBC

    A screen shot after the ODBC file has been downloaded into the D:\PRODUCTS\ODBC folder on our lab machine


  8. You are now finished with the download process and website interaction

  9. Using Windows Explorer, locate this file (e.g. in your Products/ODBC folder)

    on our computer, the screen looks like this:


  10. Double click the file name ( to extract SETUP.EXE which is contained in this ZIP file

    On our lab machine, we have WinZIP installed, so we can right-click on the file name and a menu will appear with these options. In this screen shot, I've right-clicked on the file name, then selected WinZIP->Extract to here.


  11. The downloaded zip file and the setup.exe extracted in our folder, as shown on this screen shot after the file (SETUP.EXE) is extracted.


  12. Double-click the  SETUP.EXE file name to launch this program (the MySQL ODBC driver)

  13. Follow on-screen instructions, show below





click NEXT



select TYPICAL, click NEXT









The ODBC driver is now installed on this computer.


To check your ODBC driver version


start->settings->control panel->administrative tools->data sources (ODBC)


Select the DRIVERS tab


Scroll down and you should see MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver in the list








Note: you do not have to assign User, System or File DSNs for H2OS to use this driver.