How to install and maintain H2OS help


This "H2OS Customer Guide" is also published separately as H2OS.CHM. It can also be integrated with H2OS to appear when HELP is clicked.


This file is not included with the basic H2OS installation (setup.exe). It must be separately downloaded and installed after H2OS is installed.


To download and install H2OS Help:


1. Start H2OS

2. Click Help

3. Reply YES when asked if you wish to download/install H2OS Help file.

4. Follow on-screen instructions



To maintain H2OS Help


We are continuously improving the H2OS help file, so we suggest you refresh your copy with the latest available revision  from our website.


To download and install the latest revision of the H2OS Customer Help guide


1. Select the DOWNLOADS page

2. Check the "Latest H2OS Customer Guide" checkbox

3. Click Run Selected Downloads

4. Follow-on screen instructions.



Cancelling a download


This process uses a standard Microsoft supplied FTP "utility" control that, when used in a straightforward way, works as expected. However, if it is interrupted in any way, or stalls (due to Internet server problems), it may misbehave, e.g. keep running or appear to keep running but not, etc. See How to kill H2OS using Windows Task Manager for the procedure to kill and restart H2OS should this occur.