How to import an SQL Command sent from another H2OS installation



At this time, you've received the file containing the SQL Command to be imported, presumably contained in a ZIP (compressed) file (if not, just place the 2 files into a temporary folder for this procedure)


1. Unzip the compressed ZIP file containing the export files into a temporary folder on the receiving computer. In this example, we'll use c:\temp, but it can be any folder.





2. Start H2OS and navigate to Commands -> SQL Commands library


The screen will appear like this




2. Click ADMIN.


A message like this will appear



3. Click OK and the SQL SELECT command EDIT screen will appear




4. Click IMPORT


The OPEN screen will appear





5. Navigate to the folder containing the SQL_EXPORT files


For this example, we've placed them into the TEMP folder


Note that there are 2 files that store the exported SQL command (a .DBF and an .FPT file). If your OPEN screen shows only the DBF, change the FILES OF TYPE to ALL FILES.




6. Select SQL_EXPORT.DBF  (the file with the .DBF extension, not the .FPT extension)


7. Click OK and the file will be added to your library


An example of a command added to a library using this procedure




Notice that (at this time) the DESCRIPTION for the imported item consists of the date and time the item was exported. Over-type this field with a more useful description of the command, perhaps copy/pasting from the email that transferred the command.