How to hide an employee record


There may be occasions were you want to retain old employee records in your employees database, but do not wish to see these records on current displays and reports.


We had to improvise a bit here, because employee records can be related to job tickets, and you may have other database links to these records in the future, so we made it possible to 'hide' employee records from (specifically) the EMPLOYEES tab display by setting the HIDDEN field in the employee record to True (T).


To suppress (hide) an employee record:


- bring up the Employees tab page

- locate the employee ID of the employee you wish to hide

- double-click the employee ID to bring up the employee record

- check the HIDE checkbox on the form

- close the form

To reverse this action (un-hide a hidden record)

- make the employees database the current database

- locate the employee record

- navigate to the CUSTOM # 1 tab page

- change the value of the HIDDEN field to F (false)




If there are other places where employee records should be hidden (other then the EMPLOYEES tab page), please let us know. We can't hide employee records from all displays, however, because then there would be no access to these records at all, and we at least need to get to this field.