How to find and close expired job tickets



Job tickets are considered expired when their job dates are older then "today" with a status of OPEN (or INITIAL)


In normal operations, closure of job tickets should occur when job tickets are returned to the office post job completion.


The act of closing a job ticket consists of, minimally, changing the record's status to DONE or CLOSED, and there are various methods by which this change can be made. The following describes 3 methods:




To unilaterally (en masse, without review) close all expired job tickets, menu select Librarian -> H2OS Specific Utilities -> Jobs -> Close expired tickets. It will ask for a cutoff date and then close all open job tickets before that date.



Using the Schedule page

To use the Schedule page to display expired job tickets, use the period selector to select a time period in the past, such as "yesterday" or "last week"



For example, selecting "Last week"


This test database contains these OPEN tickets from last week.



From this page, double-click a row (date) to view the daily schedule for that days tickets, or the ticket directly if there is only 1 job for that date. If more then 1 ticket is open for the selected date, the daily schedule screen will appear, from which you can click through to close individual tickets.


Using a filter

There is a filterSelect customers with expired job tickets (tickets still OPEN with dates before today)” that can be used to view (only) customers with expired job tickets (job dates before today + still in OPEN status).


This screen shot shows the filter having been selected and the Set Filter command clicked:



Clicking YES, you will be returned to the main screen, positioned to the 1st customer record that matched the filter.


Make the Job History page the current page and then page through each customer in the filtered set (if there are any) and:


  1. Scan the customer's Jobs History page for OPEN jobs

  2. Starting with the oldest or the most recent (up or down, whichever, but be consistent), select the 1st/next OPEN job ticket

  3. Review the customer's record and job history as a whole, regarding the customer and/or a job, and note any follow-ups that may otherwise fall through the cracks (develop list of follow-up considerations for this purpose).

  4. Mark the job ticket DONE (any follow-ups are now separate tickets or do-list items)



Working this way is recommended because it helps you to take advantage of your existing customer base. Happy customers will be inclined to use your services again. Sometimes a follow-up can be a courtesy of some sort.






1-18-07 (jc) I agree with not batching this process, however some sort of "Job Closed" confirmation might be good


(ba) In other words, instead of disappearing from the schedule, DONE/CLOSED

jobs should still show up, but marked "DONE" or "CLOSED"?


(jc) How about just before disappearing - Have a small message box pop up in corner saying "Job is now closed, Press enter to continue" - then disappear.