How to find a job ticket


There are several ways to find job tickets in H2OS.


The most commonly used method is to find the customer for whom the job ticket was created and select the job ticket from the customer's Jobs History page.


For example, this customer's job history is displayed for this customer.



Double-clicking on the job listed for 6/3/2009 brings up the corresponding job ticket:





Alternatively, if you know the ticket's date (or approximate date) you can locate and view/change job tickets using the Schedule page




If the time period you are interested in is not the currently displayed time period, use the pulldown menu to  select an alternate time period.





When the desired date range is displayed, there are 2 ways to view the job tickets on file for that date:


1. Double click the row in the schedule for the desired date to bring up the Daily Schedule screen:




and then double-click a job on this screen to bring up the job ticket


2. Click the EMPL command on the SCHEDULE page to bring up the employee schedule view of this day's job tickets:




From this view you can double-click a job ticket to view the job's details. For example, double-clicking the job for DEJOSE on this date, (which has been assigned to DOUG)