How to find a customer record



Oftentimes an operation will begin with locating a customer record. H2OS provides these means to do so:





Barcode scan

Job tickets are printed with barcodes containing the Customer's record number. When a ticket is returned and scanned, the corresponding customer record will appear on the screen.


Command line search

You can locate customer records by typing a full or partial last name, business 1st name, or telephone number into the command line.


If your search word finds a single matching record, the record will appear on the screen. If the search word matches more then 1 record, a picklist will be displayed that you can choose from.



Locator page

This page contains one row for each customer record in the database, listed alphabetically, in order by matchcode.




H2OS has a feature (in the setup->options DISPLAY page) called "Use Soundex when searching for customer records).



When this feature is enable, H2OS will, when unable to find a match of your search word, automatically perform a soundex search of your customer names for a spelling that comes close to what you've entered. This behavior can be confusing to the uninitiated, so we've turned it off by default.




If you STILL cannot find a customer record

In almost all cases, one of the above methods of searching will find the customer record you're looking for, but if nothing works, you can still:


- use the LOCATOR page to peruse your customers in alphabetic order


- use the BROWSE command to view your customers in a scrollable, searchable grid display