How to export the Items List from QuickBooks



The following screen shots show how to export the QuickBooks Items List into a CSV file that H2OS can read and import


You must be logged onto QuickBooks as administrator to perform this operation




1. In QuickBooks, select LISTS and then ITEMS LIST






The items list display

Click EXCEL and then select EXPORT ALL ITEMS



Setup this screen and click EXPORT



Select "A comma separated values (.csv) file"




Use the navigator to save the CSV file in a location convenient to you. In this case, we'll store it in the H2OS PROFS folder with the name QB_LIST_ITEMS.CSV



Click SAVE and walla!


If you check using Windows Explorer, you'll now see this file now exists (or has been replaced):




Next step is to import this file into H2OS



A sample QuickBooks Items List in CSV format: