How to export an SQL command from the SQL Commands library


H2OS includes a method to send SQL SELECT commands from one H2OS installation to another.



1. Access the SQL Commands library


The SQL Commands library can be accessed by selecting Commands->SQL Commands Library from the menu, as well as other locations in H2OS.





2. Click ADMIN.


A message like this will appear



3. Click OK and the SQL SELECT command EDIT screen will appear




4. Locate and select the command to be exported





5. Click EXPORT


A message like this will appear:




6. Click YES




7. Click OK


8. At this time, the SQL command to be exported is stored in 2 files:




(note that the above screen shots were created on a development computer where files are stored in different folders then an installed copy of H2OS in c:\h2os, thus the difference between these images and these locations)


You can send these commands by email attachment to another installation. We recommend adding these 2 files to a single compress ZIP file and attaching and sending the ZIP file.



See How to import an SQL Command sent from another H2OS installation






1. Both the export and import must be performed by H2OS