How to delete multiple customers



This procedure may be useful in certain cases where you wish to mass delete customer records that you've added for testing purposes, and for which there are no job tickets on file.


This method shows you a browse screen that you can scroll through and mark customers to be deleted by clicking with your mouse.


Note that this method is offered as a "quick and dirty" way of getting rid of test records. In regular operations you should use the DEL+ command to delete customer records and perform other optional related tasks, such as deleting the customers job tickets at the same time. DEL+ can also create a prospects record for "resident" at the customers address (on the assumption that the new resident will be a good prospect worth following up with), and a SITES table record for the address containing installation information that can be used to entice the customer to purchase your services, and for future information on the job site, such as number of zones, etc.







To launch this screen:



1. Select View Customers and their jobs on the menu system




2. Enter the BROWS_CJ command by clicking the command button (if in the current command system) or entering the command =BROW_CJ on the command line.


3. On the JOBS HISTORY page, click TOOLS and then BROWSE CUSTS AND JOBS




The screen for BROWSE CUSTS AND JOBS  





Use this screen to mark customer records for deletion by clicking in the leftmost cell of the row containing the customer record. The cell will blacken to indicate this marking


The example above shows 5 customer records having been marked for deletion


When done, close this screen. You can return to this screen multiple times to build the list of customers to be deleted.


Issue the PACK command to permanently remove the marked records.