How to customize a tab page



This feature makes it possible for you to control some aspects of a each tab page's appearance on your screen.


The Page and Grid controls screen


Controls that apply to all tab pages


You can change the page's background color, and you can control the color, bold, italics and underline settings for the tab page's name






Controls that apply to tab pages containing grids


If the page contains a grid display, you have controls over the appearance of the grid on the page



Note: always use the up/down arrow (spinner) controls to change any of these values.



Example 1: Adjusting the page and grid controls for the Schedule page


Bring up the Schedule page


To launch the Page and Grid Controls screen, right-click anywhere in the background area of the page and a right-click menu like this will appear, as shown here:





Select Customize Page and a screen like this will appear:




You can now change any of the controls on this screen. As you make changes, they will be effected immediately on the target (Schedule) page, so you can see the results of your changes as you go along. You can then Save and Close, or cancel your changes by clicking Close. You can change any number of controls at the same time.


Also note that this example uses the SCHEDULE page, which is a "busy" page in that it contains many 'objects'. As such, and due to the way right-click menus are accessed, when right-clicking in this page, be careful that the menu which appears contains the Customize Page option (if not, click in a different background area of the page). This can happen because different areas of the screen are "covered" by different right-click menus. Normally this is not noticeable, but in testing we have seen a collision of right-click menus on this particular page. For our example we right clicked with the mouse pointing under the SHOW ALL checkbox.


Pages that do not contain a grid

For example, the TIPS page



Right clicking in the page's background and selecting Customize Page brings up the Page and Grid Controls screen



Because this page does not contain a grid, the grid controls section is grayed out.