How to create a shortcut for H2OS Recover.exe



See How to recover when H2OS will not start



program discussed here has been shipped with H2OS (as  C:\H2OS\RECOVER.EXE).


The H2OS_RECOVER.EXE program must be launched using a Windows Shortcut. This is necessary because when the shortcut is setup it can specify the name of the startup folder, which is needed by the Recover program to orient itself. Starting the program otherwise, say by just finding it and launching it from Windows Explorer may or may not have the current folder set correctly.


Creating a shortcut to launch the Recovery Console

The Recovery Console (H2OS_RECOVER.EXE) is installed in the H2OS folder, e.g. c:\h2os


is a separately compiled executable installed in the H2OS root folder.


To create a Windows desktop shortcut to launch H2OS Recover


1. Right click in an unused area of your Windows desktop

2. Select New

3. Select Shortcut

4 Click BROWSE and use the navigator to locate c:\h2os\recover.exe



5. Click Next




5. Name the shortcut H2OS Recovery Console


6. Click FINISH



The shortcut will appear on your desktop.



To change the icon used by the shortcut:


1. right click the shortcut

2. select PROPERTIES

3. select SHORTCUT

4. Click CHANGE ICON and use the navigator to choose from those available

5. When returned to this screen, click OK








It is important that you create and use the shortcut described above to launch the Recovery Console. If you do not using the shortcut, a message like this may appear:



Solution: create and use the shortcut described above to start the Recovery Console