How to create a new pageset


Application: you wish to create a new pageset with several selected pages


For this example, we'll create a new pageset named "TM" (for telemarketing).


The tab pages of our installation, before adding the new TM pageset look like this:






To define and load a new pageset with it's 1st page




  1. CLOSE the Shorthelp screen if it appears

  2. the Tab Pages manager screen will appear, like this:

  3. Click the ADD PAGESET command button and a screen like this will appear:


  4. Enter the new pageset name ("TM")

  5. Click the pulldown menu for "1st page for this pageset") and a list will appear:

  6.  Select the 1st page to be added to the new pageset. For this example we'll select the TEL E-MAIL, but you can select any of the pages in the list to be the 1st page in the new TM pageset

  7. Click SAVE and a message will appear like this:


  8. Click OK

  9. Click CLOSE on the Tab Pages Manager screen

  10. Shutdown and restart H2OS

  11. Bring up the tab page distributor (Setup->Tab Pages->Customize tab pages)

  12. The Tab Page Distributor screen will appear, with a new column for TM

  13. Select desired pages to the TM pageset by clicking in the cell where the Page Name (left column) intersects with the TM column

    This screenshot shows 2 pages having been selected for the TM pageset (scroll down to find and select others)

  14. When desired pages have been added to the TM pageset, click SAVE CHANGES

    A message will appear:

  15. Click YES

  16. Restart H2OS and the new pageset will appear.

    Click TM to select this pageset




These pages will now be active for this session and will become the default current pageset when

H2OS is restarted.







1. A PageSet name can be as long as 12 characters, but only the first 3 will appear on the H2OS screen.


2. Also see How to arrange tab pages for more information.