How to create a new command (SDK required)


This is an advanced feature provided for customers with the H2OS Software Development Kit (SDK) installed, and Visual FoxPro programming knowledge.


In this example, we'll add a command named BARK that, when clicked, puts a message on the screen with the words "WOOF, WOOF"



1. Right click in the commands area and select CUSTOMIZE commands



The Commands Library screen will appear:



2. Click ADD

The ADD A COMMAND screen will appear


3. Assign the command a unique command name




4. Enter a Tooltip (that will displayed when you hover your mouse over the command)



5. Type or paste your VFP source code for the command into the CODE area


6. You may add a comment for this command




7. Click SAVE and you will be returned to the customize commands screen. The new command will now be listed in the commands grid below.



8.  To add this command to your current command buttons, use your mouse to fully highlight the command name in the COMMAND column, as shown here




9 Drag/drop the new/highlighted command name into an empty cell in the grid above (which represents your command system)




10. Click CLOSE


The new command will now appear in the command buttons on your screen:




11. And, of course, clicking the command: