How to create a map for a customer address

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H2OS uses the Microsoft provided Virtual Earth Map system.


There are several ways to obtain a map of a customer's address



1. The right-click menu for the address lines in the current customer includes a MAP command






2. You can add the MAP command to your active command system






3. The MAP page


  1. Make the customer/subscriber the current record

  2. Bring up the MAP page

  3. Click the USE CURRENT button to load the address to be mapped from the current customer/subscriber's name and address on the left side of screen

  4. Click LAUNCH MAP



Saving a map


Now this map will be stored (as a separate graphics file) related to this customer/subscriber. When you come back to the MAP page for customers who already have maps, there will be a SHOW MAP button the MAP page that you can click to see (and print) the previously created map.




1. Time-outs. We have observed in testing that obtaining maps from the Internet is subject to delays which can cause this feature to time-out before the map is obtained.


To offset this problem, we've added a control to Setup->Options->Misc that can be use to adjust a time-out value. The default is 2 seconds, which appears to work in most cases.  If need be, you can change this value.



The MISC page in Setup->Options contains the Mapping delay setting


The MISC page in Setup->Options contains the Mapping delay setting