How to create a job ticket


There are several ways to enter new job tickets.



In any case where a job ticket is created, the current customer's information is always used to auto-fill basic information in the job ticket, most importantly the Customer's file number, which links job tickets to customer records.


A sample job ticket entry screen (after clicking the JOB command button while positioned to the customer for whom the job is to be scheduled)




To complete this screen and create the job ticket:


  1. Select a date for the job

  2. Indicate if the customer wants to be put on the "on call" list

  3. Select the type of job (Service Call will appear by default)

  4. A brief description of the work to be performed (i.e. replace head)

  5. Optionally assign the job to an employee using the Who pulldown (job tickets can be reassigned later)

  6. Enter details about the work to be performed as needed

  7. Click SAVE


Click CLOSE at any time to close this screen without entering the job ticket.





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