How to create a custom data entry form


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Launch the Add Forms Manager by either:




  2. Select SETUP->ADD FORMS MANAGER on an existing custom data entry form




The Add Forms Manager looks like this:




You can select one of the forms in the grid/list on the left side of this form by clicking the row containing the add record form you want to use (to select the row with the form you want), and then clicking SELECT THIS FORM. When you return to the main H2OS screen and click the A (add) command again, the selected form will now appear.


To create a new add record form for this database, click the NEW command button on the Add Forms Manager screen to launch the Quick Add Form Manager screen, which looks like this:




First thing to do is give your new form a name, in the FORM NAME entry field at the top.


Then start building the list of fields you want to appear in this add record form, by copying field names from the boxes on the left into the box on the right.


The boxes on the top left of this screen contain Group names, each of which represents several fields in the record. If you drag the BASE ADDRESS group name into the FIELDS IN THIS ADD RECORD FORM entry field to the right, multiple fields (those that comprise a name and address) will be added (instead of having to pick them individually).


You can also pick and choose among the fields names that appear in the box in the lower left part of the screen. This is a list of all fields in the current database (sans the fields that are part of the named fields in the top left box).


And you can rearrange the order of the fields in the FIELDS IN THIS ADD RECORD FORM list, by clicking the box in the leftmost position of the line containing the field name to be moved up or down and then dragging the row up or down.


This screen shows an example of BASE ADDRESS and WORKTEL having been selected from the GROUP OF FIELDS and FIELDS IN THIS DB lists on the left into the FIELDS IN THIS ADD RECORD FORM on the right. :




Again, for this example I've dragged the BASE ADDRESS from the top left box into the right side box, and then I found WORKTEL in the FIELDS IN THIS DB list box in the lower left area of the screen and dragged it to the box on the right.


To discard changes (or to close this screen after clicking GENERATE FORM), click CLOSE.


The REMOVE ITEM command removes the currently selected field name from the list of fields in the FIELDS IN THIS ADD RECORD FORM.


The CLEAR LIST command clears all fields in the FIELDS IN THIS ADD RECORD FORM area.

When done, click GENERATE FORM and the form is created (or changed if it existed previously).  


This message indicates this form has been created.




After closing and restarting the Add Forms Manager screen, the new form (JOE'S ADD RECORD FORM) is available for selection.



Clicking this row and then clicking the SELECT THIS FORM command will generate this message:





Click OK


The next time  the A (add record) command button on the main H2OS screen is clicked, this form will appear. It will remain the current add record form for this database until changed.





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