How to create a command system


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H2OS ships with a single, primary command system. You can, if you wish, create your own "secondary" command systems which you can make appear by clicking the SWITCH command or you can specify as the default when H2OS is started.


Each command system shows only the commands you select, and in the arrangement you select.


You may wish to have different command systems for different operators, different uses of H2OS, or just a different selection then used in the primary system.


The process of creating a secondary command system begins with making a copy of the primary command system (with a specific name that identifies it as a secondary command system), then to switch to the new secondary command system (switch command) and then to make changes (right click in command area and select "customize command buttons") to the new secondary command system.


To create a secondary command system







2. Click the NEW button to the right of the COMMAND SYSTEM line




You will then be asked:




3. When you click YES, you will be asked to enter a name for the command system





For this example, I'll change the command system name to LMCMDS_BILL_2




click OK





Click YES




Click OK


The new command system is now created, containing a copy of the current command system.


Close the H2OS Options screen


You can now switch command systems to the new system during a sessions, or you can change the default command system to use this or another command system as the default command system to be displayed during startup.