How to close a job ticket



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When work on a job is completed, the job ticket is returned to the office to be marked DONE in the database. The procedure is described below


Note: by convention, you can use the CLOSED status to indicate payment has been received. That is, mark the job's status as DONE with the work is completed, then CLOSED when

payment is received.


DONE (and CLOSED) job tickets will not appear on your job schedule.  



To mark a job ticket DONE


1. Locate the customer and the job ticket

2. Changing the job's status to DONE

3. Entering comments, feedback and follow-up scheduling items, if any













When crews return from the field, they hand in their completed job tickets with their hours and possibly some comments handwritten on or attached to each ticket.


To close the ticket, the customer record must be located first, and then the job ticket that has been created for this customer. The job ticket is updated to indicate the work is done, additional information from the job ticket or attachments are entered, and then the ticket's status is changed to DONE.


Shortcut: after retrieving the customer record (by scanning the job ticket's barcode or search using the command line), click the CLOSE command button to quickly bring up the last/currently OPEN job ticket for that customer. This 'shortcut' only works if there is only 1 job ticket for this customer in OPEN status.


If there is more then 1 OPEN ticket for this customer (as is the case in this screen shot), then you will need to use the Jobs History page to locate and bring up the job ticket.




When you change a job ticket's status to close, the system will automatically fill in the COMPLETED field with the current date.


At this time, if you are using the employee commissions feature, you can use the pulldown menu on this screen to select the employee's name. Doing so will retrieve the employee's current commission rate. Then enter the parts sales amount (amount subject to the commission rate) and the commission amount will be calculated on screen. Leave blank if you are not using this feature.


Later, when billing has completed and paid, the ticket is marked CLOSED.


Shortcut: The CLOSE command


As a shortcut, you can click the CLOSE command if there is only 1 job in OPEN status for this customer, the job's ticket will be brought up. But if there is more then 1 OPEN ticket for this customer, a message will appear saying so and asking you to locate the job in the Jobs History page instead.




1-18-07 (jc) Unclear to me, the  procedure to close out tickets for the day. Maybe a small message box could pop-up to indicate "Job is Closed" - the job ticket just seems to go away without confirming status.



(ba) DONE/CLOSED tickets disappear from the schedule today. To DONE/CLOSE a ticket right now requires the operator to bring up the ticket and change it's status to DONE or CLOSED (DONE being an interim marking the job is done, while CLOSED means all related paperwork/follow-ups/etc are also done and the job is history). A reason for this not being a bad way to deal with DONEing tickets is that it brings up the entire record for entry of other information at the time, comments in particular. If we institute a means to "batch close" tickets, the operator might not bother to bring up individual tickets to add this extra information ... ?? (in other words, the argument is that the operator shouldn't be able to automatically mark bunches of tickets DONE because the odds are that at least one requires a little more attention and giving this tool might lead to "abuse" in the form of skipping this step).



1-18-07 (jc) I agree with not batching this process, however some sort of "Job Closed" confirmation might be good


(ba) In other words, instead of disappearing from the schedule, DONE/CLOSED

jobs should still show up, but marked "DONE" or "CLOSED"?


(jc) How about just before disappearing - Have a small message box pop up in corner saying "Job is now closed, Press enter to continue" - then disappear.