How to check for H2OS maintenance


We are continuously improving H2OS, and regularly place new product releases (software upgrades) on our web server for customers to download and install. In cases where a maintenance release contains programming changes you are waiting for, you can request to be notified when the release is placed on the server.


To check our server for a newer release then you have installed,


1. Bring up the Downloads page

2. Check the Latest H2OS release checkbox, as shown here:





3. Click Run Selected downloads


A message will appear



4. Click Yes


If a message like this appears, your installation is currently up to date



Click OK and return to the main screen.


If a later version of the software is available on the server, a message like this will appear:



Click YES and H2OS will launch the Internet Transfer screen to download and install the new release.


Click No to cancel this operation




Please allow time (minutes with a high speed connection) for this process to complete.


When the process completes, a message like this will appear.




Click OK







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