How to change the order of customer records



In normal operations, Customer records are presented in alphabetic order (by database), as you can see using the Locator page



On occasion you may wish to view Customer records in another order.



Examples of where this might be useful:


1. You want to view all customer records you've changed last.  


- click ORDEZR

- select LAST CHANGED from the SET ORDER pulldown menu

- click SET ORDER

- navigate to the 1st or last record in the selected record order using the << or >> navigation command buttons



2. You want to view customers in the same town as the currently displayed customer


- click the ORDER command

- select TOWN from the SET ORDER pulldown menu

- select the "CURRENT RECORD" positioning option

- click SET ORDER


you will now be positioned to the same customer record as before, but now the navigation keys (< and >) can be used to view other customer records in this town.


Setting the customer database order is different then setting a filter, but in either case you can continue to add, change and delete records.





To change the order of records in your Customer database, click the ORDER command (or enter =ORDER on the command line) and a screen like this will appear:






The pulldown menu reveals the currently available orders (see example below)


This screen also lets you select whether you wish the ordered database to begin with the 1st record (in that order) or should be positioned to the current record (in the new order).


To restore the default (alphabetic) order, click the RESTORE DEFAULT command and close this screen.




When you select an order, this screen will close and you will be returned to the main screen with positions as selected



When you return to this screen a 2nd or additional time in this session, and you have used it to change the order of the customer database, a message like this will appear:



And the default order will be re-established. You can now proceed to use this screen to set the order to any of the available orders.