How to change the current database (File->Open)


H2OS is capable of managing more then 1 "primary" (name and address centric) database. The term "current database" refers to the currently selected such database, typically your H2OS Customers database.


If/when you wish to use H2OS to manage another database, you will need to switch to ("Open") that database, at which time it will become the current database.


To change the current database, either


1. Select FILE->OPEN from the menu system


2. Click the OPEN command.


3. The FILE menu will display a "most recently used" (MRU) list of databases that have been OPENed previously, from which you can select a name to reconnect that database.



The MRU list


For your convenience, H2OS stores the names of the last 4 databases you have used in a list attached to the FILE menu option. When you select FILE from the main menu, you will see this list of "most recently used" databases at the bottom of the FILE menu. You can easily switch to making one of these databases the current database by selecting it from this list.





On the menu system, select File -> Open




When OPEN is selected, the OPEN database screen will appear, containing a treeview display of currently registered customers and databases, from which you can select a database (by double-clicking the database name).


Minimally, the treeview will contain at least 1 customer (H2OS) and at least two databases (your H2OS customers database, and the sample Prospects database that shipped with the product).


In this screenshot, several other databases have been setup, and in this case we'll expand the treeview for the customer named H2OS to reveal H2OS's databases, one of which is VENDORS.


Double-clicking VENDORS will cause a message like this to appear:





Click YES and the screen will appear like this


Note: this sequence of screenshots involves a database (Vendors) that has been created on this particular machine, but it has not yet been accessed (made the current database) by H2OS. As such, some setup is required to adjust this new database to H2OS. The first such adjustment is the creation of a starter pageframe, pagesets and pages that will be displayed when VENDORS is the current database.




At this time, click EXIT to close H2OS


Restart H2OS


A message like this will appear:




Click YES



Click OK



Click OK


Restart H2OS


Note: If any error message should appear, click IGNORE or CANCEL and restart again, until H2OS does start with the VENDORS database as the current database. In this case, once this error sequence completes, it will not occur again.




When H2OS starts with the VENDORS database as the current database



There is one more initialization step needed:


Click ADD to add a record. The 1st time you do this a screen like this will appear:




Click YES and the "generic" add record screen will appear, and it will become the default Add Record screen until you setup a custom designed add record screen









1. If you select a database that is registered but not available, you will see a message saying so. Repeat the OPEN process until you are able to connect with a database.