How to change a customer record


To change any data in a customer record, locate the record and make the change interactively.


For the name and address fields of the customer record, you can make changes by over-typing the name and address directly.


Other information in the customer record is stored in tab pages, such as the telephone numbers-email page, which you can access and enter new or changed data into directly.


Finally, some information in customer records is automatically added by H2OS, such as the date the record was added to the system and the date it was last changed. This information can be viewed, but not changed.


Committing changes


Because H2OS uses a buffering technique to protect your database from various exposures to corruption (electrical outages, system failures), you need to be aware that changes made to customer (and job tickets) databases must be "filed" (written to disk) when completed.


In normal operations, this 'filing' is accomplished simply by changing the current customer record to another, or quitting the system, actions which trigger this action automatically, so for most of H2OS operations, you really needn't be aware of this requirement.


Occasions on which you should be aware of this need include:


- running utility programs during H2OS operation. It is recommended that before running a utility program you deliberately change the current record if you've made any changes to it before launching the utility.


- any other occasion where you suspect there may be an exposure. If you are unsure about a particular situation, take this action (move the current record pointer) and ask us.


Audit trail


For both the customer and job tickets databases, H2OS automatically maintains "audit trail" tables, into which are stored copies of customer and job ticket records after they are changed during operations.


The audit trails can be used to view the history of changes to a given record and can also be used to restore records to an earlier moment in time.



Job Tickets


When a customer's name or address is changed, the change is reflected (made) to all currently INITIAL/OPEN job tickets on file for the customer. Note that this handling does not apply to DONE/CLOSED job tickets, as historical records of work performed at the old address.