How to capture a screen shot



Oftentimes the most helpful information about a problem can be a screen shot of the 1st visual evidence of the problem. Sometimes the effect of a problem can cascade and appear to be something else, so be sure to get that 1st screen shot if you can. If not, try to note the words of the message you received, and it's also possible a subsequent screen shot may be of help (but be sure to tell us this is the case)


There's a few ways to get screen shots, but the standard Windows way is to use the PRINT SCREEN key, which will place a copy of your current screen image into your windows clipboard. From here you can use PASTE (ctrl-v) to copy the screenshot image into an email note or Word file. You can also paste the image by pressing CTRL-V into the currently selected email note or Word file.




This action will place a copy of the screen shot image into the Windows Clipboard, which can then be pasted into an email message or file, which in turn can be sent as an email message or, if saved in a file, can be attached to an email message.