How to backup your H2OS database


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Important: H2OS backup and restore work with data only, not programs. That is, you cannot restore an H2OS backup onto a computer that does not have H2OS installed. When restoring, you must restore an H2OS created backup into an existing H2OS product folder.




Manual Backup


For new installations, be sure the "folder to store local backups" on the Setup->Options->Backups screen are setup and correct. In this case, the H2OS backups folder is designated as C:\BACKUPS. If this folder does not exist, be sure to use Windows Explorer (or other means) to create it before creating an H2OS backup.




To manually create a backup of your machine's H2OS database, simply click the BACKUP command  and a message like this will appear:





Click YES and the backup will be taken and placed into the folder designated for backups in Setup->Options->Backups


In this test, I've created


 (can be any configuration)




Automatic Backup


You can have H2OS backup your database automatically each time the system is started each day (that is, the backup will run during the 1st logon for the day), and/or you can backup your H2OS database at any time (and multiple times per day) by clicking the BACKUP  command button.


The backup program to be used and the location of backups created are setup in the options->backups page.




Also see how to setup automatic backups ...





1. Backing up your database is a part of your overall backup strategy. In addition to your H2OS database, you should also regularly backup other files in your H2OS installation, including software, as part of your installation's backup strategy. You can, of course, always download and install H2OS software, but your customization will be lost if you do not perform regular backups of the entire H2OS installation folder and sub-folders.


2. You can install a backup on another machine (say, at home) to "refresh" that machine up to the time of the backup. To perform this operation, unzip the backup into the H2OS data folder (e.g. c:\h2os\cl\h2os, assuming you have installed the product into c:\h2os)