How to add the SWITCH command to a command system


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The SWITCH command is used to change ("switch") your command system, in a "round robin" manner, between the command systems currently installed on your computer.  This command is not included in the starter command system (because there is only 1 command system installed at this time).


When you install a 2nd command systems, you can use setup->controls->display to designate which command system to be used, and you can also use the SWITCH command to change command systems during a session.


The procedure below can be used to add the SWITCH command to your command systems. Note that you only need add this command to one command system and it will automatically propagate to the others (this is unique behaviour that applies only to the SWITCH command).



A command system without a SWITCH command:




Procedure to add the SWITCH command to this command system



1. Right click in the commands area to bring up the right-click menu




2. Click Customize command buttons


The Commands Library screen will appear




Scroll down to the SWITCH command




Select (highlight the word SWITCH by swiping the word "switch" with your mouse while holding down the left mouse button). This will highlight the word SWITCH, as shown here:




Use your mouse to drag the (selected) word SWITCH into an empty command button in the display above, as shown here:




Click CLOSE to close this screen and return to the main screen. The change will take effect immediately.





The command system now includes the SWITCH command.