How to add an image to a command button



For this example, we'll replace the word "MARK" on the Mark command with an image of a checkbox (icon)


The commands, including the MARK command, before the change



Right click within the Command buttons area to bring up the right click menu. Select Customize command buttons:




The Commands Library screen will appear.


Find the command name (MARK in this case), select it (the row, a pointer icon will appear in leftmost position of the selected row/record) and click DETAILS



The DETAILS screen for the Mark command:



The image field is blank by default.


Click the ellipsis command to the right of the IMAGE name field. It will launch the Windows Navigator





Use the navigator to locate the image file you wish to have appear on your command.


In this case, on our test computer, we'll associate a check mark icon we have on this machine with the MARK command (note: we do not distribute image files or icons for this purpose, but there are loads of images available from other sources).




Clicking CLOSE and restarting H2OS, the MARK command now appears like this :






Just for show and tell, here's some command button images we setup on a test computer (we cannot distribute these images, but they are freely available on the Internet).