How to add an employee


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Select the Employees tab page




Click ADD, and the Add Employee screen will appear



Complete the entry fields on this screen and click SAVE


Most fields are self-explanatory. Some notes follow:


Empl ID


Enter a unique one word name for this employee. This name will be used as a key for this employee's records in the H2OS database, such as job assignments..


Name, address


Standard mailing name and address fields


Comm Rate

If this employee will participate in the example employee commissions program, enter the rate to be used to calculate this employee's commission. For example:  .05 means 5% commission rate.



If you have a photo (stored in a supported image file type) for this employee, click the ADD PHOTO command button and use the Windows locator screen to find it. H2OS will then store and associate this employee with this photo. You can change or add photos for employees at any time using the employee details screen