How to add an SQL Select command


Also see How to import an SQL command



The basic SQL SELECT Commands library is distributed and installed with H2OS. Thereafter it's maintained (new commands are added) using the Downloads page.


The SQL SELECT Commands library can be customized by adding, removing and changing existing commands. Because you can make changes to these commands, H2OS maintenance will not replace installed commands (it will only add new commands).


From time to time, as we add new general purpose SQL commands to the library, we will distribute them via the COMMANDS, SQL option on the DOWNLOADS page.


If you have a favorite filter command that you use and would like to share with others, please send it to us



To add an SQL SELECT Command


1. Click the SQL command  


2. The SQL SELECT command library screen will appear, like this:



3. Click the ADMIN command on this screen  





3. Click OK and the SQL SELECT command EDIT screen will appear



4. Click the ADD command and a new row will appear on the bottom of the grid, into which the new SQL command can be typed



5.  After the new command is entered ...




6. When done, click CLOSE


The command is now in the library and can be selected


(note: for SQL SELECT commands, newly added commands will appear at the top of the grid, because this grid is presented in reverse "last update" order).