How to add a workstation to H2OS on a LAN


Also see How to setup a LAN server



Use the menu to navigate Setup->Options-> Network, and a screen like this will appear:





2. Select "A LAN Workstation".


An entry field for the location of the LAN server folder will appear


3. click the ellipsis command button to the right of the entry field and then use the Windows Navigator to locate the H2OS database on the server.






1. Notice that the target LAN server folder is \H2OS\CL\H2OS and not  \H2OS.  This is the "data" folder for the H2OS application.


2. The location of the LAN server folder that you select will be remembered by H2OS, should you disconnect from the LAN network and then wish to re-connect later, this address will then re-appear as the new default setting. You can change this address at any time (that your server changers), and the new default location will be remembered.