How to add a reminder


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A n empty REMINDERS page




Click the ADD A REMINDER button, and a form like this will appear:





Complete this form and click SAVE


When the "remind me on" date is reached, you'll be reminded during H2OS logon with a message like this:





The reminders page will now look like this:




From the reminders page, you can drill down to reminder detail records to update the record, the reminder date, or to mark the item done. See the MARK DONE command button.





Click MARK DONE to change the status of this reminder to DONE, and to no longer appear in the Reminders page (or be included in startup reminders).



'n' Open Reminders message




In addition to showing open reminders during H2OS startup (if indicated in setup->options->display), this message will appear in this area of the main screen when there are 1 or more currently active  (for "today" or a day in the past and the reminder is still open) reminder messages.