How to add a page to a pageset


Also see About tab pages



For this example, we'll add the AREAS page to the ADM (admin) pageset  


Before this change, the ADM pageset looks like this


Figure 1: The ADM pageset, before AREAS page added


The Tab Pages Manager, which is used to work with tab page controls, can be started in two ways:


1. Click setup->Tab Pages->Tab pages distributor


2. Right click in the tab pages upper row (amongst the tab page titles) and select "Customize tab pages" from the right-click menu.






Either way, the Tab Pages Distributor screen will appear:



CAUTION: there is a peculiarity to this screen you will need to be aware of when working with the Tab Page Distributor: each cell in this grid is a toggle switch: when you click in a cell the page name (in the first column) will appear in the cell, and when you click in the cell a 2nd time, the page name will disappear (thus a toggle)


This is by design because this is how you can assign and un-assign pages to pagesets, by locating the page name in the first column, the pageset column, and clicking in the intersecting cell


But it's easy to mistakenly click in a cell when viewing this page. To undo this action, click in the same cell a 2nd time and the page name will be removed.
















See the Tab Pages Distributor topic for more information on this screen. For this topic we'll add our new page to the Admin pageset.


The Tab Pages Distributor screen contains a list (left column) of available tab pages, and a column for each currently defined pageset.


You can use the scrollbars to move up/down in the grid, and to the right to see more pagesets, if more the will fit on this screen exist.


Mouse-clicks are used to make page to pageset assignments on this screen. To add a page to a pageset, click in the cell where the name of the page and the desired pageset intersect.


In the screenshot below, the cell where AREAS and ADMIN intersect has been clicked and now the world "Areas" appears in the cell, which confirms it's assignment.


(note: you can click the cell a 2nd time to remove the page)





When you are done with changes, click SAVE CHANGES or CLOSE


If you click SAVE CHANGES, this message will check your intention





Click YES and your change will be implemented. If the pageset to which you've added the new page is also the current pageset (appears on top), switch to another pageset and then back to this one to see your change (the new page will now appear in the pageset).  



In our example, the ADMIN pageset now has the Areas page


Figure 2: The ADM pageset, with the AREAS page added


1. Generally speaking, it's better to assign a page to only one pageset in your page system. While in most cases it's possible to have a specific page appear in more then one pageset, it's not advised.