How to add a note to the email notes library



This topic covers the basics of adding a new note to your email "boilerplate" notes library.


The 1st example below shows adding a simple text message, and the 2nd example shows a text message with data inserted using commands that tell the Notes Sending Machine what to add at the time the note is actually sent.


HTML formatting of messages is also possible.



Example 1: add a simple text note to your library


1. Select Email -> Notes Sending Machine from the menu





2. The Notes Sending Machine main screen will appear:




3. Select the SETUP MESSAGES tab


Note: don't be put off by the << >> stuff that will appear in examples, that's where your data substitutions will go when notes are created for sending.





4. Click ADD




5. Over-type the NAME entry field


6. Enter your message in the MESSAGE entry field


For example, a simple message:




7. Click CLOSE to end the session and save your note (or click ADD to add another new note, but don't click the JOBS page at this time to setup a job with a new note - for that page's lists to be updated you'll need to CLOSE and restart the Notes Sending Machine).


To setup a job to send this note, click CLOSE and then restart the Notes Sending Machine,  and select the JOBS page to do this.



Example 2: with textmerge insertions


This message uses textmerge markup to create a Schedule Confirmation Message that includes the customer's name, the schedule date, type of job and a telephone number to call if there is any need to change the appointment.





Notes about what was done here:


1. In place of the salutation line, I've inserted <<go_lmutils.adjust_line1(line1)>>


No, you don't have to remember or translate these geek word, just copy and past the ones you need into the body of your message, in the places you wish to have data inserted, from lists provided.


There are 2 lists of geek words you can use to insert data into your message


1 the list of customer record fields in the listbox at the right of this screen


2  the FUNCTIONS command at the top right of the listbox


When clicked, the FUNCTIONS command will bring up a screen of functions that will perform some sort of processing to come up with the data to be inserted, as opposed to a direct copy of data in a field of the customer record. Functions can be used to perform almost anything you can imagine, so long as you have the underlying data needed.  For example, the number of days in the current month must be calculated before it can be inserted into the message box (at run time, not when the message is created).





This screen looks more complicated then it is. To use it


1. Scan the English language function descriptions for the data you want


2. Click on the row containing this function, to select it




4. Close this screen


5. Position your cursor to the insertion point in the message you're building (to identify the spot in the text where the function is to place it's results), right-click your mouse and select PASTE.


If you miss the target, hold down the CTRL key and press the Z key (that is, press CTRL-Z) to UNDO the insertion (and then try again). You can UNDO multiple changes by repeatedly pressing CTRL-Z.